How Laser Tattoo Removal Works?
A laser injects the skin with intense light, which penetrates the skin to break up the ink particles, which then leads to tattoo fading. The body's immune system will then remove these pigments over time. The laser energy is harmless, and only targets the pigmented skin, leaving the un-inked surrounding skin unharmed. It will take on Average, 3-8 sessions to completely remove a tattoo. Book a consultation today for tattoo removal in Aylesbury.

laser tattoo REMOVAL
​All Of Our Laser Tattoo Removal Services Are Performed By Fully Qualified Laser Technicians. Come and Book Your Free Consultation In Aylesbury Today. 

The Details
Laser tattoo removal services are an effective way to remove tattoos, although some will react to the treatment better than others. Black and dark blue inks respond best to lasers as they absorb all the wavelengths, compared to other colours that absorb only selected light from the laser.  Factors such as how long you’ve had the tattoo can also make a difference in the healing process. The tattoo application can have an impact too; if the tattoo was applied correctly, an even amount of ink will be distributed in the same level of skin, making it easier to remove evenly. If not, the removal can appear blotchy and uneven, taking the ink out the same way it went in. 

*Please note that prices shown are per single laser tattoo removal treatment. Discounts can be given for bulk bookings. Please ask in store for more details.*

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